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Guiding individuals and organizations in actualizing their potential to succeed and thrive.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Our mission is to help you recognize and realize your unique personal and professional gifts and share them with the world. Nsight > Out.


We help individuals and organizations to become their best and most dynamic selves by addressing limiting beliefs, embracing complexities, and overcoming obstacles to success.


Throughout the course of our careers, we have witnessed a need for key “soft skills” in professional, community, and personal settings. So often, our engrained or underlying beliefs can impact personal and institutional success. By investigating mental, physical and emotional patterns, acknowledging multiple perspectives and developing tools to function more effectively and considerately, you can welcome shifts, positivity and success.


The modern landscape is changing and we want you and/or your organization to succeed and thrive. Using a variety of personal developmental tools and immersive experiences, we explore the complexities of your personal or organizational inner workings while providing the skills to help better understand the cultural landscape and navigate clearly towards an actionable outward goal.

How We Help

We offer coaching and events (training, workshops, retreats) to develop integral interpersonal and awareness skills that include tools, understanding, and guidance through the growth process.

Benefits to Groups and Individuals:

  • Recognizing and addressing cultural complexity

  • Embracing multiple perspectives 

  • Developing awareness and communication skills to better work together

  • Navigating conflict

  • Understanding interplay and influence of mind/body connection 

  • Holding several possible outcomes at the same moment

  • Creating tangible and actionable strategies and solutions

  • Setting and evaluating intentions

  • Embracing transitional change and difficulties

  • Recognizing strengths & weaknesses

  • Overcoming limitations

  • Setting healthy boundaries

  • Celebrating positivity and success

  • Bridging objectives with personalized tools to achieve outcomes

  • Learning how to be an ally and an advocate

How We Help
What We Offer

NsightOut tailors our coaching and events to match your individual or organizational needs.

Listed below is a list of highlighted offerings.

What We Offer


One on One

Specializing in in-person and remote engagements over the course of multiple weeks or months to help individuals explore and grow. Each session is customized to meet your developing needs and intentions around communication skills, emotional intelligence, life design, emotional analysis and deep dive.



Participants are guided by our professionals through an exploration of a specific topic. These can be held individually or in groups either on site or remotely (video conference, phone). Some of the topics that can be explored include: communication skills, cultural competence, conflict resolution, and reading group dynamics.


Workshops + Retreats*

Working together over the course of a day or multiple days allows for an intensive exploration of personal and collective identity while also providing and practicing communication and personal development skills and community/culture building. ​​Themes often revolve around leadership training, gender identity, personal exploration, wellness (physical, mental, emotional), transferable life skills and community building. ​

*NsightOut has the capability to provide planning, logistics, food & beverage, and additional support staff as needed. We welcome vetted guest practitioners and can offer various health & wellness coaching and services.


"Bobby's coaching got me through a very challenging time in my life well before I knew exactly how I would be challenged. With his guidance and tools I was able to complete the self-work necessary to change my mindset and accelerate my growth. It’s really all about the consistency. Within a few months I no longer recognized the person I was before."

—  Jarell Perry, Recording Artist/Writer/Producer


Our Partners

A selected list of companies and organizations we've worked with:





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Humble Riot



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Bhakti Center


Alpha Phi Alpha




Ten Directions

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Resolved Perspectives


The Team


Bobby Lyle

Leadership Coach & Founder of NsightOut


Bobby is a facilitator, coach and wellness consultant. His relaxed and natural way of being makes his work accessible and relatable. With a varied skill set from Integral Facilitator, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion specialist, and NLP master practitioner to bodyworker, personal trainer and Gyrotonic instructor, Bobby explores diverse viewpoints and holds contrasting perspectives while staying invested and engaged. He is fueled by a passion to help people identify and embrace their potential to become their fullest selves.

Callann-Yoga Headshoot 2016.jpg

Calann Wolff

Strategy Manager, Co-Founder of NsightOut


Callann serves individuals and organizations in the non-profit, health & wellness, and spiritual arts sectors to realize their potential and share their unique gifts with the world. Her mission is to help others refine and realize their goals by aligning business development and heart-centered desires. Years of strategy consulting and project management experience is tailored towards helping clients create and/or grow a business that is both enjoyable and successful. 


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